Aartsen new name sponsor Avond4Daagse

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As of this year, Aartsen is the new name sponsor of the Avond4Daagse.

The Aartsen Avond4Daagse is a walking event in which participants walk a distance of 6 or 12 kilometers four evenings in a row. Every evening the participants are surprised with a new route. Both children and adults may participate in the Archers Evening 4Day. Everyone is welcome!

As an internationally operating import company of fruit and vegetables, Aartsen is only too happy to focus on physical movement and vitality and is therefore happy to make this possible together with us in Venlo, where one of Aartsen’s branches is located. Aartsen and VenloopKids are going to make it four sporty and very pleasant days.

The Aartsen Avond4Daagse is scheduled this year from Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 May 2023.
You can register via school or via the Aartsen Avond4Daagse website.

You’re walking along, aren’t you?