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The Venloop Foundation supports a number of charities every year. While registering for the Arrow Venloop, Neptunus Walk and Venloop Walk & Wheels it is possible to make a donation for a good cause. This year, Stichting Venloop is affiliated with KidzBase, Water for Life, Fonds Gehandicaptensport, FunPop and the Toon Hermans Huis Noord-Limburg.


KidzBase Foundation is committed to helping children in North and Central Limburg who cannot grow up safely in their own families. These children have been placed out of home because of a disturbed home situation due to domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect and/or addiction problems of parents and they live in residential groups or family homes. The children have been through a lot in their young lives and they do not have the safe and stable foundation from home that every child deserves and needs. KidzBase collaborates with professional care organizations. Through small-scale projects, we want to make the children feel special and focus on promoting their self-reliance, improving their well-being and creating fun and happy memories. KidzBase, because children are special.

Water for Life

Clean drinking water is not a given for everyone, with as many as one billion people deprived of this basic necessity of life. Water for Life advocates for clean drinking water and sanitation worldwide.

Disabled Sports Fund

In the Netherlands there are 1.7 million people for whom sports is not self-evident. Not everywhere is the sports and exercise offer accessible or missing facilities nearby. Disabled Sports Fund supports non-profit sports organisations so that anyone with a disability is given the opportunity to play sports.


The Funpop Foundation is a volunteer organization that organizes funpop, the annual open-air music festival for people with intellectual disabilities. But also for their family, friends and acquaintances and everyone who cares about the target group!

Toon Hermans Huis Noord-Limburg

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt lost,” Saskia shares. “At the Toon Hermans House, I was mostly able to be myself and not just the cancer patient. Talking together with fellow sufferers about the challenges we faced gave me confidence and strength to find my own way in the cancer journey. Now I run the Venloop to inspire others and give hope. Join me and support the Toon Hermans Huis Noord Limburg.”

Cancer what now? We are here for you!

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