Also in 2023 together again “Wandele naor Schandele”

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After the Wandele naor Schandele hiking initiative from The Netherlands announced on 27 February that it would not have a new edition, there appears to be good news for the hiker. When the Venloop Foundation heard the message, there was contact between both organizations and they came to the nice decision to continue the walking tour Wandele naor Schandele under the flag of the Venloop.

Wandele naor Schandele is a walking initiative that raises money for the fight against cancer and has achieved a wonderful result for both the participants and the charity with no less than 7 editions.

John Peeters, founder: “Wandele naor Schandele started in 2014 and in recent years has grown into a beautiful hike through the Schandelose nature with the highlight in 2019 more than 1350 enthusiastic hikers. At our event, conviviality, moving in nature and raising money for charity are paramount”.

Many hikers read the news about the end of Wandele naor Schandele with disappointment. The Venloop Foundation decided that this should not happen and together with the organization of Wandele naor Schandele, they looked at opportunities to continue the walking tour under the flag of the Venloop. And we did it!

Wim Lensen, director of the Venloop Foundation: “We had a conversation and it felt very good to each other. Throughout the year we organize all the necessary walking tours and by adding this beautiful walking tour the offer only becomes more complete. We are going to make something beautiful out of it together“.

There will therefore be a new edition this year, namely on Sunday 21 May.

We hope that the loyal fans can breathe a sigh of relief again and will be there again this edition.