Atmosphere Weir Venloop 2022

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Together with a great crowd and many dedicated volunteers, we manage to surprise our participants every year with a fantastic atmosphere and a warm welcome along the course.

We want to highlight the most atmospheric streets on the Weir Venloop & Neptune Walking Tour 2022 course:

Neptune Walking Tour 2022, Saturday, May 14

  • 1st prize : Stalbergweg Venlo (Stalberg Sfeertje), Rob Rutten
  • 2nd prize: Oude Schandeloseweg, Marleen & Peter in Velden.
  • 3rd prize: Runners group Germany

Weir Venloop 2022, Sunday, May 15

  • 1st prize : Ruijsstraat Blerick (Ruijsstraat Bruisstraat), Twan Jonkers
  • 2nd prize : Groetweg Hout Blerick (Neighborhood Association), Peter Hermans
  • 3rd prize : Flujasplein Venlo (DJ’s group), Pascal Dagniaux

These atmosphere creators were rewarded with a street prize this week, hopefully keeping the unique Venloop atmosphere going until next year.

We want to thank everyone immensely for the unforgettable atmosphere. The Venloop is something you experience together!