Born linked to the Venloop as sports drink and nutrition partner

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Venloop Foundation and sports nutrition brand BORN announce a multi-year partnership. All drink stations will be provided with BORN sports drinks. In addition, Venloop participants can also get advice on nutrition through the revamped online tool or at the BORN booth during the Venloop Expo on Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25.

Since 2006, the Venloop Foundation has been organizing various walking and running events in the Venlo area. What began as a training club with 62 enthusiastic runners grew into a multi-day event with some 28,000 participants. BORN, manufacturer of sports drinks, sports nutrition and a grooming line is committing to the event as a partner for the next three years.

Jorn van den Bunder, nutritionist at BORN: “As a Limburg company, we find it important to be able to link our name to a local event that shares our ambitions. The Weir Venloop is a serious race where top performances can be achieved by the top runners. But like us, they are also there for anyone who wants to further develop and push themselves athletically. We also want to be there for everyone who wants to live healthy and exercise healthy.”

Meyke Vercoulen, marketing officer of the Venloop Foundation explains what this cooperation means for participants: “Born is our sports drink and nutrition partner. That means, of course, that walkers and runners at way stations can refill sports drinks in addition to water. But there is more: In fact, BORN will also share their expertise with us.”

Van den Bunder of BORN adds: “In the preparation period, participants can use our updated BORN (sports) nutrition tool. During the event itself, participants can get information at the expo about nutrition and drinks that can be consumed before, during and after the running race. In addition, during a Q&A they can ask questions to Roel Wijmenga, Limburg record holder at the half and full marathon and BORN ambassador.”