Charities Weir Venloop 2022

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Friday, June 3, the checks for the charities were presented. In total, participants in the Weir Venloop 2022 donated a whopping €14,439 to one of the charities close to the Venloop’s heart.

Each year, several charities are selected that Weir Venloop participants can donate to during registration. This year, VieAmi received €420, KidzBase received an amount of €2709.50, Unicef €3492.50, Water for Life €3467.50 and Fondsgehandicaptensport received a whopping €4349.50 from our participants.

An incredibly nice gesture from our participants who not only support the Venloop, but also these charities. These checks were presented last Friday at the Venloop home to the delegates of the nominated charities.

Thank you all!