Gipmans Young Plants Kwaakerrun 2023

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Gipmans Young Plants Kwaakerrun 2023

We are happy to share that Gipmans Young Plants will be there again this year, as main sponsor of the Kwaakerrun weekend. And in addition to supporting this great event, they do much more!

At Gipmans Young Plants they grow and sell plants within the product groups greenhouse horticulture, open ground. The production takes place at six locations in Venlo and two locations in Sevenum. Due to the great diversity of products, there is a year-round production. They are therefore proud that they have been able to serve their customers, such as professional gardeners, industry and retailers in Europe with beautiful products for 50 years.

Their mission is “Vital People, Vital Planet, Vital Plants”. In doing so, they work demand-driven. The diversity and dynamics within the product groups and categories, the requirements/wishes of our customers and the different markets, mean that each product group and category requires its own sales approach. Our focus is on establishing and maintaining lasting relationships.

And the relationship with the Kwaakerrun is still flourishing after almost 13 years! ??