Aartsen Avond4Daagse


2,600 participants

8th edition in 2025

Terrain layout Aartsen Avond4daagse

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Map of grounds

The Aartsen Avond4Daagse will start from Kazerneterrein in Blerick. The map of the grounds below shows where you can park your car or bike and the location of the toilets. 

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Car park
Due to the limited number of parking spaces, please preferably come to Kazerneterrein by bike or on foot. If you are travelling by car, the car park and the route to the start corrals is indicated on the map above. The entrance to the car park is on Venrayseweg. Note: no parking spaces are provided behind Kazerneterrein (roundabout Kazernestraat).

Kiss & Ride
There is a Kiss & Ride zone for parents/supervisors who want to drop off or pick up their child. Enter from Venrayseweg, then turn right into Garnizoenweg. Exit again from the Garnizoenweg towards Venrayseweg. No parking is allowed on Garnizoenweg.

There is sufficient space for bikes on Kazerneterrein. The map shows the cycle route over the grounds to the bike shed. All participants and supervisors are requested to park their bikes in this bike shed.

There are toilets available for participants before starting or after the finish. The toilets are also indicated on the map. Beware of cyclists arriving or leaving when you visit the toilet! There are also a number of toilets for participants to use during the breaks.

Information point
The information point is located near the start corrals. It is open between 16.30-18.30 on all four days. If you have any questions or comments after completing the route, please speak to one of our volunteers (they are wearing Venloop clothing).

Let’s keep Venlo clean!
During the four days of the Aartsen Avond4Daagse we are all guests at Kazerneterrein and the locations used for the breaks. And we all want to start from a clean and tidy place during all four days. We kindly request all participants to clear away their litter at Kazerneterrein, the locations used for the breaks, at the finish and also along the route. Let’s keep Venlo clean!

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