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Start numbers

If, unfortunately, you are no longer able or willing to walk with us, it is possible to transfer your start number to another participant using the transfer form below. This is possible until Thursday prior to the Venloop until 11:59 pm. In accordance with our terms and conditions, this is also the only permitted way to transfer your start number. The original participant’s name will be printed on the start number, however, the new participant will appear under his/her own name in the results list.

It is important to note that you can only transfer the start number once. It is also not possible to change the distance.

The new participant must complete the transfer form. In doing so, you do need some information from the current participant, namely the start number, zip code and date of birth. Under no circumstances does the organization pass on participant data, nor does it mediate between participants with respect to transfer.

For the transfer, €3 will be charged by one-time direct debit. Upon completion of the transfer process, you will receive a transfer confirmation email.

Finally, participants should make sure among themselves that the start number goes to the correct (new) participant, as it is not possible to pass on a change of address for this purpose.

Participants who registered before Feb. 26 can look up their start number here starting March 6. Participants who registered after Feb. 26 can find their start number in their email confirmation.

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Arrow Venloop

From Wednesday 20 March to Sunday 24 March 2024, the sixteenth edition of the Arrow Venloop will take place.

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