Tuincentrum Leurs Walk


Saturday, Sept. 16

9th edition

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The program for the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk is as follows:

Starter GroupStart time
Starting group 19:30 a.m.
Starting group 29:45 a.m.
Starting group 310:00 a.m.
Starting group 410:15 a.m.

We kindly ask you not to arrive too early,  try to arrive just before the start time and keep one and a half meters distance on the Pastor Kierkel Square.
A little more than 200 people will be able to start per group.
All participants of the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk are expected to cross the finish line at no later than 3:15 pm.

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Help as a volunteer?

The Weir Venloop relies heavily on volunteers. Without volunteers, organizing this type of event is not possible.


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