Tuincentrum Leurs Walk


Saturday, Sept. 22

10th edition

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This is the programme for the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk:

Start groupStart time
Start group 19:30 a.m.
Start group 29:45 a.m.
Start group 310:00 a.m.
Start group 410:15 a.m.

The 10km and 15km start at the same time. Please do not arrive too early. Try to arrive just before the start time and maintain a distance of 1.5 meter on Pastoor Kierkelsplein.

Around 200 people will be able to start per group. All participants in the Tuincentrum Leurs Walk are expected to cross the finish line by 15.15 at the latest.

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The Venloop relies heavily on volunteers. Without volunteers, organizing this type of event is not possible.

The Tuincentrum Leurs Walk is made possible thanks to: