Wandele naor Schandele


Sunday 2 June

8th edition

Wandele naor Schandele

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After the Wandele naor Schandele hiking initiative from The Netherlands announced on 27 February that it would not have a new edition, there appears to be good news for the hiker. When the Venloop Foundation heard the message, there was contact between both organizations and they came to the nice decision to continue the walking tour Wandele naor Schandele under the flag of the Venloop.

Wandele naor Schandele is a walking initiative that raises money for the fight against cancer and has achieved a wonderful result for both the participants and the charity with no less than 7 editions. At the event, socializing, moving in nature and raising money for charity is paramount.


Wandele naor Schandele will take place in 2024 on Sunday 2 June.


Proceeds from the event will go to charity. There will be no medal at the finish.
The charities of the upcoming edition of Wandele naor Schandele will be announced soon.


The walking tour starts from Café de Sport, located at Markt 7 in Velden.

  • The start of the 8 km and 16 km is between 8:00-11:00 a.m.
  • The start of the 24 km is between 08:00-10:00.


Parking in downtown Velden is limited on Sundays. We therefore recommend that you come to the starting location by public transport, which is easily accessible by public transport.


There are no less than 3 different distances to participate in: 8 km, 16 km and 24 km. So there is something for everyone!

  • The walking route of the 8 km is indicated by green arrows and ends at pancake house Jagersrust, located at Straelseweg 35 in Velden. Walkers of the 8 km can use the free cab vans for transportation back to the starting location Café de Sport in Velden.
  • The 16 km route is marked with green arrows. After about 8,6 km, hikers will reach the break point Jagersrust.
  • The 24 km route is marked with red arrows up to about 11 km (passage Open Air Theatre). The rest of the route is indicated by green arrows. After 7,5 km, hikers of this route will reach the break point Dairy Farm the Brem Holsteins located at Schandelo 110, in Velden. After 16 km, break point Jagersrust is reached.

Break Places

  • Pause Place Jagersrust is located at Straelseweg 35 in Velden.
  • Pause Dairy Farm the Brem Holsteins (for walkers of the 24 km route only) is located at Schandelo 110 in Velden.

The request is to pay as much as possible in cash at the Jagersrust break point due to poor internet coverage on site.

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