Running tight capri (3/4)

Running tight capri (3/4)

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Running tight capri (3/4)


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Why running tights?

A running tight, also called sports leggings, are tight running pants made of breathable material, Drypower Stretch. The advantage of tights over wide pants is that they allow less drafts and hardly any wind through. The tight is tight around your legs, this reduces the vibrations of the muscles so that you suffer less from acidification and fatigue of the muscles. This allows you to keep running longer and perform better! In addition, tights retain your body heat better and the sports leggings ensure that perspiration is quickly removed. Another advantage of the tight is that this prevents friction and therefore no irritation occurs.

Our running tights have a small pocket (on the back of the pants) where, for example, a key can be stored. The running tights have reflective elements.

The logo is a heat transfer and may fade a bit after many washes. Always wash the tights inside out and never warmer than the label indicates.

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