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Koenen and Co Business Run

The world is getting flatter. What economists mean by this is that modern technology has facilitated global communication and cooperation, but has also made it easier to compete. More than ever before, speed is of the essence in business. So why not test that speed? The Arrow Venloop offers companies the opportunity to measure their performance in terms of endurance and speed compared to the competition.

The Koenen en Co Business Run offers you the choice of competing in the half marathon, 10 km and 5 km. Each participating business can field a team of at least three runners, and a maximum of five. The finish times of the fastest three runners will count.

Participants of the Koenen en Co Business Run can change in the Ewals Cargo Care Pavilion and shower afterwards at the Martinus School.

Which business will leave all the competitors standing? Which business offers its employees a unique opportunity to take part in the ultimate team building exercise by entering a team for the Arrow Venloop? Register your teams now! All the businesses taking part will have access to the special VIP-lounge, as outpacing the competition is not the only aim of the Arrow Venloop, networking is equally important!

Each year, interest in taking part in the Koenen en Co Business Run is growing. More and more teams are registering on behalf of their employers to take part in one of the many runs organised throughout the Netherlands. A sporting performance achieved as a team is good for the sense of collegiality at your company and will help make sure your employees are healthy and motivated. A Business Run is also a supreme opportunity to place you and your company in the spotlights.

The Koenen en Co Business Run is an ideal way of fostering the team spirit at your company. Practising what is basically an individual sport within a team context can act as a performance-booster to go faster and aim higher. It also gives team members a chance to anticipate the excitement of the actual event for weeks and months in advance, by training together for example, or simply discussing the race. And a healthy rivalry between the various teams at your company may emerge as a result! Maybe you could consider linking your own company championships to the Arrow Venloop.

Whatever you decide, the Koenen en Co Business Run is a perfect occasion to achieve sporting success with your employees or business relations in a memorable and fun way. The Business Run is also an opportunity to meet colleagues from other companies and organisations in an informal setting before, during or after the run. To sum it up, we warmly invite you to register for the Koenen en Co Business Run during the Arrow Venloop on 24 March 2024.

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