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Daily Mile Venlo

Daily Mile is an initiative, originally from Scotland, with the goal of making children happier and fitter by walking or running 15 minutes a day at school.
Students, together with their teacher, go outside at least 3 times a week to walk or run several laps in 15 minutes with a total distance of about a mile (1.6 km). In this way, students can stretch their legs, reawaken their brains and learn about a healthy way of life and its benefits through an approachable and fun way.

In fact, more and more young children are overweight. This number must come down. In the spring of 2017, elementary school de Klingerberg was the first within the municipality of Venlo to create its own Daily mile course in the schoolyard. Stichting Venloop, together with JOGG Venlo, wants to enthuse even more schools to make the Daily Mile part of the curriculum at elementary school. Does your school already have a Daily Mile course?

The Kickoff of this school year took place at elementary school de Passe Partout in Tegelen:

Participating schools

In the spring of 2017, elementary school de Klingerberg was the first to pick up the English concept the Daily Mile within the municipality of Venlo. Meanwhile, many other schools from the Venlo municipality have embraced this great initiative to introduce their students to a healthy way of life in a playful and fun way.

Also, watch the kickoff of the Daily Mile at Impulse Special Education Elementary School below:

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