Sonja Leenen

Sonja Leenen

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‘Do you stand next to the course every year cheering on our participants? And would you actually like to participate in the Arrow Venloop yourself, but are you somehow inhibited by something or someone?’ was the call on the Venloop website.

The answer to both questions was ‘yes’. Signing up for the Dream Team became an option…

I have type 2 diabetes (hereditary), the values of which have been difficult to control lately. This results in constantly increasing medication, which is not conducive to my health and which of course I am not happy with at all. The ever-changing sugar levels also mean that my energy and condition are very variable. Outside of medication, more exercise than just walking now and then would therefore be good for me.

But my diabetes is certainly not the only reason. I have been a supporter of a group of friends of (full) marathon runners (incl. husband) for a while now and I faithfully travel everywhere with them. That for ‘a while’ is not an exaggeration. In 2004 I was already in New York cheering on the first Venlo marathon initiative. An initiative and great journey from which the Venloop eventually emerged.

Training with our group of friends is not an option. The 10 km intended for the Dream Team is a small round on Sunday morning for them. But it’s about time they stood on the side of the road for me. ­čśŐ

A year or two ago I tried to run myself, with a serious knee injury as a result. After that, I didn’t manage to pick it up again myself.

In August, I finally sent my motivation to Venloop. A first acquaintance followed and at the beginning of September we started the training sessions.

How nice this is, and how good it feels!

First of all, it’s a fun and motivated group. But the structure of the training sessions, given by Henk ten Have, is also very good and motivating. Getting injured is actually my biggest fear, but because the training still consists of a lot of (strength) exercises and interval, I notice that that load is gradually built up. Good guidance is therefore oh so important. Henk takes into account what we can handle, but is not too soft.

The first round outside the gate of the sports park will be started. There is no time for objections, and that works well.

My starting point is to at least attend all training sessions as much as possible and to stay injury-free. The first one works easily because it also gives me a lot of energy. Even after a party until 03:00 in the morning, I was on the track at 09:00.

But also making the fact that I am a member of the Dream Team ‘known to the world’ is of course an extra stick.

The ultimate goal is to be at the start of the Venloop on Sunday 24 March 2024, for the first time and at the age of 55. This sprouting is then what it will go. Setting a time is, at least at the moment, not something I’m concerned with.

Sonja Leenen

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