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If you want to network successfully, put on your running shoes!

From September next, the sportiest networking club of Venlo and surroundings will start again. Training and networking together for the 17th time in a row under expert guidance, in preparation for the Arrow Venlo at 2024. With the VieCuri VIP-Care, you train in groups. Training for both the 10 kilometers and half marathon is provided for all levels. Topics covered include injury prevention, nutrition and, of course, a responsible training regimen.
The joint running training with expert Venloop trainer takes place on the track of Sportpark Vrijenbroek in Venlo on Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. This leaves your evening free for other things. In addition, an endurance run is run on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. from the well-known Chapel of Genooi. From time to time, the Venloop Foundation board joins in. We will then conclude the training at Van der Valk Hotel Venlo while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and piece of Limburg flan. A great time for the board to then update everyone on the latest on the Venloop.

In addition to the regular training sessions, there will also be some training sessions on Friday mornings at 7:00 am. We call these trainings “Early Birds.” Afterwards, at Van der Valk Hotel Venlo there will be the opportunity to shower and enjoy we collectively a delicious breakfast, offered by the Venloop Foundation.

The year kicks off with an introductory lunch and concludes with an always very enjoyable VIP dinner. Several company visits are also organized throughout the year and participants are educated on healthy eating, injury prevention and related topics.

Finally, there is the possibility of undergoing a sports examination at VieCuri Sports Medicine. The cost for this is within the program.

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Participants VieCuri VIP care 2022-2023

Participant Company
Barrahmun, Hayat Boels Zanders Lawyers
Brewer, Rob Boels Zanders Lawyers
Wienen, Roel Globe Advisors
Merx, Jos The Care Group
Rays, Hans Gilde Opleidingen
Foxes, Henk Helichem
Cranes, Bart Koenen and Co.
Brewer, Leon Neptune Group
Eilers, Dorrie Neptune Group
Thissen, Peter Peyorama BV
Grubben, Marcel Rivierdael Network Notaries
Eijk van der, Han Van der Valk Hotel Venlo
Bierman, John Venloop (VIP-Care coordinator)
Ten Have, Henk Venloop (trainer VIP-Care)
Vercoulen, Carlo Vercoulen Group
Sanders, Alex Viecuri
Wienhoven, Stefanie Viecuri
Cornelissen, Nastasia Viecuri
van Berlo, Ron WerkVitaal
Keder, Ingrid Woonwenz
Schobbers, F

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Bridge to Bridge Run 2015

Company visit Omroep Venlo 2015

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