Public transportation

Public transportation

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Come by public transportation

We believe it is important to do our bit for the environment. That is why we strive to have as many of our participants as possible travel to the event by public transport.

This way you are not only consciously concerned with the environment, but it is also very useful! The start and finish area of both the Neptunus Walk on Saturday 23 March and the Arrow Venloop on Sunday 24 March is a stone’s throw from Venlo Central Station and the bus station. This makes it ideal to attend our event by public transportation. You get off the bus and/or train and you don’t have to think about parking your car. Also given the high number of participants and visitors of our event, we strongly recommend that you travel to Venlo by public transport. 

Travel cheaply by train in the Netherlands!

In the Netherlands, Arriva is our partner in public transport. They will also come up with a nice discount promotion for your visit to the Arrow Venloop. But in the meantime, they also have all kinds of other great actions. These actions can be found on their website.

Travel cheaply by public transport in Germany too!
In Germany, VRR is our partner in public transport. And they have a great discount offer for you again this year. For example, you can use public transport to Venlo for only €3.50. Check the map below to see in which area this promotion is valid. During your registration for the Arrow Venloop or Neptunus Walk, you can book your discount ticket right away. Isn't that handy?
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