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The Arrow Venloop is ambitious and wants to grow further into one of the iconic sporting events in the Netherlands in the near future. Partly thanks to your support, we are already well on our way and the Arrow Venloop is now one of the leading running events in the Netherlands. With the advent of the Neptune Walking Tour (2013), we were able to expand our active participant base to include another target group.

This is not possible without the support of our sponsors and that is why we would like to expand our sponsor base with sponsors who support the Arrow Venloop.

We offer various sponsorship contracts starting at €250, which can focus on facilities for your employees, publication and displays, sponsorship meetings or a combination of these. Also, customization is certainly not a problem. In addition, we have a great introductory package* available for start-ups starting at €150.

* This sponsorship package is only available for start-up companies (0-3 years) that have not been sponsors before.

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