The Arrow Venloop

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The Arrow Venloop

From the new edition in 2024, Arrow will act as the new main sponsor of the Venloop and thus help take the event to the next level.

Arrow is a global provider of technology products, services and solutions. And helps its customers create progressive products that make the benefits of technology accessible to as many people as possible.

The company has been involved in the event for a number of years and since last edition, major steps have already been taken in the collaboration to expand. Now we can bring the great news that Arrow will act as the new main sponsor of the event from this edition in 2024 until at least 2027.

Wim Lensen, director of the Venloop Foundation, is proud to share the news. “It is a great opportunity to take the event to the next level with such a committed relationship. We are full of new ideas and are going to make something beautiful out of them together!“.

“On behalf of Arrow, I am delighted to announce that we will act as main sponsor at the Venloop. This partnership is of great importance to Arrow because it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the community and share our passion for technology with a wider audience. We believe that sport and technology go hand in hand and together can lead to extraordinary achievements. By supporting the Venloop, we can not only have a positive impact on the local community, but also strengthen our corporate culture and encourage our employees to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. We look forward to working with the Venloop to create an unforgettable experience and show how technology enables us to push boundaries and achieve success. Together we are building a strong future!”, says Joost Eerens, HR manager at Arrow.

And with that approach, it promises to be an unforgettable edition again from 20 to 24 March 2024!