The KWIEK movement route

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On Thursday 11 May, the KWIEK movement route in Blerick was officially opened. A route to train your balance, strength and endurance. Fun to do and good for your body. With a nice cup of coffee afterwards in the Hoëskamer, the residents’ area of senior complex de Ruysdonck. Moving and meeting, a nice combination.

The KWIEK movement route starts in front of the Ruysdonck at Ruijsstraat 7 in Blerick. The 1 kilometer long route is drawn on a sign at the starting point. You follow the route via arrows on pavement tiles. During the walk you will regularly see drawings of the various exercises on those pavement tiles, such as knee lifting or rotating arms. The intensity is up to you. There are exercises aimed at balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and fitness.

From Monday 15 May 11.00 am, the route can also be walked under supervision. There will be fixed, weekly moments with supervisors from This also allows people who are still a bit unsure to walk or need some help to participate.

Target audience
Anyone who likes to walk around and do some exercises along the way that contribute to balance, strength and endurance, can participate in the KWIEK exercise route. The route is freely accessible and can be walked whenever you want. At the opening, one of the participants showed that you can still be very agile behind the walker. Another was surprised that he still got his knee raised so high “I haven’t done this in years, I didn’t know I could do this anymore!”.

The KWIEK movement route is made possible by Woonwenz, Antares, S.O.B., Stichting Venloop, De Zorggroep and Because moving and meeting is central to this initiative, all participants received coins afterwards to be able to have a drink at the Ruysdonck the first time after the round.