Venloop Running Team Update: monthly report October 2022

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This month began the build-up to the winter season. After a (relative) quiet period of 2 weeks, the workouts are brought back step-by-step and per individual to the old level of the last period in the summer. Winter is the perfect time to take the next steps in athlete and team development and get the athletes ready for the upcoming summer season.

For the athletes, this means that the workouts and training scope each week will get a little tougher again. All aspects involved in running, such as endurance, speed, (fast) strength, mobility, coordination are reflected in the training schedule. This included determining for each athlete which parts receive extra attention to develop. Not just to get short-term returns, but also to take the step(s) just now in order to develop further in the longer term.

As a team, we also took the next step to get better as a team/organization. By splitting the group into 2 and dividing the athletes among the 2 trainers, each athlete gets more and better individual coaching. In the process, of course, we will continue to function as 1 large, close-knit group. We continue to do everything together, only everyone gets more specific, personal attention from 1 trainer to optimally monitor and guide development.

Last month, the following races were run:

On Sunday, Oct. 31, 2 cross country races were run. About 8 athletes competed in the Limbra-cross in Weert. Some 6 athletes traveled to the strong, international cross in Mol, Belgium. The following, excellent results were achieved:

Limbra-cross in Weert:

Short cross Girls A:

  • Suze Gipmans –2nd place
  • Xenia Raptis –4th place

Short Cross Men:

  • Justice Dreischor – 7th place
  • Daan Hendrikx – 10th place

Cross Boys A:

  • Finn Hensgens – 6th place
  • Liam Ernst – 7th place
  • Chiem Danes – 8th place

Cross Boys B:

  • Cas Rijvers –4th place

International cross in Mol:

Cadets Boys:

  • Max Hutjens – 16th place

Short Cross Men:

  • Noah Holten – 14th place (1st junior)
  • Jesse Holten – 22nd place
  • Jip Janissen – 56th place

Cross Juniors:

  • Niels Peeters – 11th place
  • Jarno Albers – 25th place

An excellent start to the games!

Sprinting to the next one!
Trainer Bob