Venloop Running Team Update: opening track season

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On Monday, April 18, Suze Gipmans, Isis Levels, Max Hutjens and Cas Rijvers kicked off the track season.

Suze, Isis and Max ran the incumbent distances 150m and 2000m. Ideal to take a look at how they came out of winter. Is the speed good? Is aerobic power good? It sure looks like it!!!

Max took off1st for the 150m. Last week trained with starting blocks for the first time and it went extremely well. With a good 20.34 he ran a Club record Boys JunC and of course he was pleased with that. Next up was Suze. As a non-sprint star, she came to a fine 22.56. That was also an instant Club record Girls U18. Last to start was Isis in the 150m. In her previous athletics life as a sprint star, she ran 20.34 3 years ago and now a time of about 21.00 would already be very nice. It fell just short, but the 21.18 indicates that her speed is still good. In doing so, she immediately broke the Club record that Suze had just run. By the way, the 3 Club records were not that hard to run. Indeed, there were no times on this distance yet.

4 Hours later, all three were allowed to start for their 2000m. Suze and Isis, in particular, were looking forward to this a bit. This is a long distance for them. Since this distance was also not run before, 2 Club records and 3 PRs were run. Max ran very strong and flat to a very good 6:28.31. At that, the lap times were: 1.13-1.21-1.21-1.19-1.14. Isis and Suze ran a solid race, but were also clearly suffering from the heat. Isis ran to a good 7.44.96 (1.20-1.32-1.36-1.39-1.38) and Suze crossed the line not much later in a fine 7.56.07 (1.21-1.54-1.40-1.42-1.39)

Finally, Cas took off for his1st 5000m on the track. A time under 20 minutes was the goal. Unfortunately, the field was too strong for Cas and he had to do everything himself. The1st km still went under 4 minutes, but then there was a slight decline that was well reversed in the last 2 laps. Cas ran a good PR of 20.38,13. After the race the truth came out. Cas had run 46 laps on the athletics track at the Easter raffle on Saturday afternoon….. Not conducive to a flat 5000m. But it gives extra indication that that sub-20 is coming soon.

Sprinting to the next one!

Trainer Bob