vidaXL and Venloop continue cooperation

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vidaXL will again be linked to the Weir Venloop as a special sponsor during the anniversary edition.

vidaXL is a Veneless company. Its headquarters and Dutch distribution centers are located at Trade Port North. Through 32 webshops in Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia, vidaXL sells a surprising range of products in different categories such as home & garden and sporting goods. There is residential inspiration for everyone.

vidaXL: “We are proud of the Venlo region and find it important to stay true to it. Think global, act local is what we call it. We owe a lot to this region and to all our employees who come from here. Therefore we would like to give something back. We wish all participants of the Weir Venloop a lot of success and fun during this beautiful event”.

Venloop director Wim Lensen shares his thoughts, “Since the arrival of vidaXL in Venlo, the company has also been a partner of the Venloop. Professional growth and fame far beyond the borders of Venlo suit this wonderful company. This is something we also recognize ourselves in. This sponsorship is a very nice addition for the Venloop. We are a good match and face a bright future together”.