Viking next 3 years name sponsor 5 km distance Weir Venloop

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After years of partnership, the time has come for the next step. We are therefore proud to announce that starting next edition, Viking will be the proud name sponsor of the 5 km distance running at the Weir Venloop.

Viking is inspired by work environments that are constantly evolving and changing. Thereby, as an omnichannel company, it has an appropriate solution for every need in the areas of office supplies, office furniture and furnishings and facility, among others.

So keep moving! At the Venloop, let’s just be good at that, too.

Wim Lensen, Venloop Foundation director: “Viking has been a reliable partner since 2013 and is always there for us! A great basis of this year 10 years of cooperation. Great to give this anniversary a golden edge by taking the next step together.”

Christa Furter, Managing Director Viking: “The health and well-being of our employees is always a priority at Viking. By taking another step in our partnership with the Venloop, we are proud to strengthen our local commitment and our effort to promote a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, sporting events lend themselves perfectly to coming together as colleagues. This together makes us incredibly proud to partner with the Venloop to show our team spirit.”

Photo – left: Christa Furter (Viking), right: Rick van der Coelen (Venloop Foundation)