A fantastic gesture

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A fantastic gesture on behalf of Arrow Venloop & Neptunus Walk 2024 participants.

Each year, Stichting Venloop supports a number of different charities. During registration for the Arrow Venloop or Neptunus Walk 2024, our participants could choose to make a donation to one of these charities. 

During this edition, Stichting Venloop supported the following five charities: KidzBaseWater for LifeFonds GehandicaptensportFunPop and the Toon Hermans Huis Noord Limburg.

In recent weeks, we have been proud to present a fantastic amount of money to all five charities on behalf of our participants, with a combined value of €14,814.

On behalf of the charities and ourselves, we would like to thank our participants for this fantastic gesture. Thanks to you, the Venloop is a genuinely collective experience!